What is Love?

Does it really exist?

We see many ways love is expressed and explained. There is love for your child or parent. There is love of animals and nature. There can be two adults having intimate relations. The list is long. We even say we love ice cream or a dress and any number of things. But is this love?

I believe love goes much deeper than the above explanations. Love was within us and around us even before we were born. God loved even the thought of us being born. He planned each part of us with much compassion and care. He gave us eyes to see the wonders of nature and ears to hear the laughter of children. He gave us legs so we could walk and so many parts. The part which I want to focus on is the heart. He placed His own love is our heart. The depth of this love is eternal. It goes beyond all understanding or words. Yet this love is what urges us turn to those who need our care. It even pushes us to help others in miraculous ways. We look back and say, how did I do that? But I am going even deeper than the heart. God wanted us to be with Him forever so He placed our soul within us with so much gentleness. This is the part of us who knows God. Yes- knows God! Can you believe that! Our soul knows our true home is heaven. We are only here for a short while.

You might ask, what this has to do with love. Everything! Love comes from knowing Jesus and listening to our heart. It comes from realizing each person was also created with love and with a heart and soul. Every person is sacred. That is where real love comes. Yes, it will mean loving our family, being in awe of nature and feeling the love for another human in an intimate way. But only after we feel deeply connected to their holiness.

So love is our relationship with God and all our brothers and sisters which God created. Love is realizing all people are sacred. Nature shows the wonder of God and all we can do is stand in awe. This Valentines Day why don’t we reflect on true love.