Getting Yourself a Gas Powered RC Car

Gas Powered RC Cars use an internal combustion engine. The main difference between a gas and nitro engines are as follows – gas engines use a spark plug to ignite fuel, while nitro engines use a glow plug.

Gas powered remote control cars are loads of fun and give unforgettable driving experience. For full list of gas rc cars visit SwellRC. Gas rc cars use two stroke oil and 80-95 octane gasoline, octane number depends on where you live. The oil and gas mixture is about 25:1, meaning per 25 liters you should mix in 1 liter oil.

Gas Powered RC Cars

Gasoline powered remote control cars usually can reach the same speeds as a nitro radio controlled car. What I mostly like about these cars is that they are big, loud and burn relatively cheap fuel, rather than nitro where fuel is very expensive.

Gas engines provide more torque so they are more powerful.

The best of gas engine cars are that the engines are very durable and will last you forever, while with nitro you’ll have to change pistons and cylinder liners.

Why buy a Gas Powered RC car?

There are a lot of reasons why you should buy one.


Gas Powered RC Car EngineAs I said earlier, the engines will last you forever. You wont get headaches from tuning the engine. Mostly all gas rc cars come are pretuned out of the box. 1/5 scale gas cars come with engines from 20 to 30.5cc and are up-gradable. Gasoline engine produce more torque which results in more power to the wheels and get you more agile truck or buggy.

Fuel Economy

With a typical gas engine you’ll receive a minimum 30 minute run time with your vehicle. Some will get even 45 minutes per tank. That depends of the tank volume. Nitro rc cars get only about 10 minutes of ride time. Do the math, if gasoline costs around $1.3 per liter and nitro fuel costs around $6.6 per liter. You’ll soon enough overpay a gas powered rc car with the cost of nitro fuel, plus the gas engines are a bit more economical in terms of mpg(km/l)


Gas powered rc cars will require practically zero maintenance, rather than nitro, where you’ll have to clean the engine from time to time, change spark plugs. Gasoline RC Cars use engines just like in your garden weed wacker or chainsaw, so they are reliable.

Final thoughts

Those who want to get great fun and whole new experience should try out these kind of radio controlled cars. Gas remote control cars have a lot greater run times and require less fuel, plus the fuel is dirty cheap considering the nitro. Engines will last you forever and will require you practically no maintenance. Owning a Gas Powered RC car will be cheaper than a Nitro RC Car.

Thanks for reading!

Why You Should Use CNC Milling for Your Production

Although it is one of the most important processes in the production of so many day to day products we use, many people are unaware of just how important CNC Milling has been in their lives. From the production of circuit boards in television sets to cutting the metal parts in bread toasters, CNC Milling is literally involved in every area of our lives today.

In order to fully appreciate this technology, one must truly understand the impact it has on their lives or in society at large. This article aims to showcase some of the advantages of using CNC Milling as a technological process especially with regards to our everyday life.

Advantages of CNC Milling

For a technology that affects virtually every area of human lives, CNC Milling has played an integral part of our technological advancement over many decades. The following are some of the perceived advantages that it has over conventional milling technology and processes.



In CNC milling, most machine parts are automated and programmed and as a result, only a designer is mainly required for the process to be successful. There is no longer a need to hire numerous workers to operate a milling machine.

Minimal supervision is also required in this milling process because once production of prototypes are supervised and tested successfully, the specifications only need to be copied to replicate the production process.



Advanced Productions:

In today’s advanced technological world, there are so many products that would never have been crafted manually even by the best machinists without the help of CNC Milling. This Milling process has enabled manufacturers produce very small components that are unimaginable to produce manually.


Absence of Human error:

Since the designs and specifications are mostly computer based and can be saved and copied for reproduction, there is essentially little or no room for human error.  This is also partly because the reduced workload involved in this process requires only one supervisor who periodically checks that the settings are correct on the machines.

Consequently, a reduced human workload also means that there will be less concerns over human safety at the milling plants.


Continuous Operations:

CNC milling plants can work all year round nonstop with only few scheduled stops for maintenance. This is important as it leads to quick turnarounds in the production of numerous day to day parts. In the mass production of computer and mobile parts such as circuit boards, there is need to produce hundreds of millions or even billions annually for different manufacturers and this would be impossible if milling machines had to only operate for a few hours daily.

Continuous operation of these machines is partly made possible by the presence of automated cooling systems which help prevent any heat damage.




Reduced Wastage:

Modern CNC Milling machines help reduce wastage by far compared to conventional machines. This is because of the accuracy that is involved when using CNC Milling machines.

When designs are made and specifications imputed, the machine accurately produces products based on the specifications thereby reducing errors and wastage that are associated with human experimentations.

If you’re looking for a great CNC Milling Service you can use Ezis Craft, I’ve had great success with them for my simple projects.


In conclusion, whether you’re a kid playing with a toy car or an adult using a computer or driving a car, these have all partly been made possible by CNC Milling and as technology continues to advance, so will the overall CNC Milling process.

Home Improvement

Tips on Creating a Wonderful Dining Room

What is a house without a dining room? Every single person can never resist a well-designed dining room on any household. After all, it is the only place where all the fun happens. You can spend quality time with your family and at the same time, invite some friends over. All those exciting activities can only be done inside a place

that has a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, the dining room.

So if you were to design your dining room, aside from making it as inviting and as comfortable as possible, you must also strive to make it reflect your personality, or other things that could contribute to your dining room’s aura and beauty. Those things may be a little bit daunting, but you need not fret. Here are great ways to create a wonderful dining room:

dining room

It would be awkward to have a room that is way off the entire house’s design and concept. You don’t have to go out of your way to make your dining room very inviting. It would help to actually know and understand your personal style. That way, you’ll have a dining room that reflects who you are which can add to the room’s charm.

Eye strain could result from too many colors

inside the dining room. Remember that it’s a room where you eat, and possibly the food are too colorful on their own. The dining room should be a place where you can relax and enjoy the food, so mixing too many colors won’t help. From furniture to color, everything should match or complement each other. Better yet, just make sure that the furniture’s and walls’ colors don’t try to overpower each other. It would also be great to associate a touch of red inside the room, as red is known to stimulate the appetite.


Obvious enough, to have a room that’s comfortable, it shouldn’t limit you in your movements. To make that happen, you should consider the size and the space of the room. As there is too much action that could possibly happen inside the dining room, you have to make sure to have enough space. Small dining rooms should have small sized furniture or little furniture. And large dining rooms may have plenty and large furniture, so as to make proper use of the space and to keep it from appearing barren.

So with all the furniture around, you would want a neat and proper arrangement. This could possibly be the trickiest part. Actually, you can play all you want and decide on how you should arrange the things inside your dining room. Invite some friends and guests over, and take note of their reactions. Their reactions shall help determine the perfect arrangement for your dining room objects.

As a final touch, you could add extra things that can balance (complement) or accentuate (compliment) your dining room. You could start with your window and play with curtains or blinds.


The Benefits of a Summer Kitchen


Summer kitchens have been around for a long time, especially before air conditioning. A summer kitchen provides enough room to cook your meals, can fruits and vegetables and bake without heating up your house. A summer kitchen is like an enclosed porch and if you already have one that’s great. Just remodel it to fit your needs.summerkitchen

If you are starting from scratch that’s okay. Try to use reclaimed lumber and furnishings to help cut cost. You’ll need to start by building a frame. Search on the internet for designs that you like. If you are an inexperienced carpenter, hire someone to build your addition.

Once you get your frame up, it is time to add the roof. Make sure you have an area in the roof for ventilation. After the roof is done, you will need electrical and plumbing. Once again, if you do not know anything about either, hire a professional. Plumbing should be simple. All you need is a sink. Electrical will be a little harder. Think about what appliances you want. A stove is necessary, but you might also want a refrigerator for extra cold storage. Add at least two to three outlets so you’ll be prepared. You can never have too many.

Now it is time to screen in your porch. Make sure you cover the entire area, stapling the screens in place as you go. Don’t let the screens sag. Pull it tight, but not to tight.

As far as appliances go, you wouldn’t have to buy brand new unless you just absolutely want to. If you choose a refrigerator, measure carefully to make sure you are going to have enough space. A stove and sink are musts.

summer kitchen

Also consider countertops and cabinets. A countertop space will be handy when preparing foods out on your screened-in kitchen. Cabinets are not necessary, but can be handy for extra storage. Unless you want brand new, hit a salvage yard or a reclaim shop. You will save alot of money. If you decide on a large addition, opt for adding a table and chairs. It’s eating outdoors without having to worry about biting insects.

Do not grill inside your screened-in kitchen. Consider it part of your house. Grilling needs to be done outside unless you have a special section added to your cook stove just for that.

Make sure to always clean up good. Do not leave food sitting out. You might attract unwelcome creatures at night looking for something to eat.

A summer kitchen might not keep you cool while cooking, but it will keep excess heat from building up in your house. Another benefit, an extra stove and refrigerator to use at the holidays.


Properly Dusting Your House


Sneezing, wheezing and Asthma finds its way to torture you. This is, of course, not a thing to have happen, so to combat this you begin dusting your house. Sounds like a good idea to clean up the dust to give your lungs a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as simply dusting whatever you can find whenever you want. If you want to make sure the dust is effectively dusted, you’ll want to go about the task keeping a few things in mind.dust 2

Generally when you dust your house, you may find you have an assortment of various dusting tools to get the job done. While you can use whatever you want, I find the good old fashioned rag and paper towels work best in conjunction with dusting cleaners. The two types of cleaners you should always have in stock are glass cleaners and all-purpose cleaners. You can use the glass cleaners for windows, glass in tables, marble/granite countertops, lights, TV screens (Careful! Read your TV’s manual for information on how to clean the screen), and many other surfaces. The all-purpose cleaners are used for anything else the glass cleaner isn’t utilized such as wood tables, counters, shelves, pianos, wood furniture, and others. If you want, you can get a wood cleaning product specifically designed for wood, but if you’re on a budget, an all-purpose cleaner will be just fine.dust

Now that you have the product cleaners, you can grab a cotton rag and some paper towels. The paper towels are generally used for the glass surfaces or whenever you use the glass cleaner. This is to help alleviate any streaking on the glossy surfaces. A good cotton rag is ideal as it’s soft and absorbent. If you don’t have one, an old cut up cotton shirt will work perfectly. Try to steer clear of cleaning rags like those used for washing dishes. These rags are pitted and rough giving you inferior absorption as they are meant for scrubbing/wiping countertops, tables, and dishes.

First things first when dusting your house: You want to start at the top. That means you’ll want to go to your highest level of your house, and start with the highest shelves and the tops of moldings. The reason for this is quite simple. Dusting isn’t perfect, and as you continue to dust, you’ll find that some of it is brushed off. Not all the dust sticks to your rag. So, as move from high to low, you have the greatest chance of picking up the most dust. Another thing to keep in mind is that of your rags and paper towels. When they get dirty, don’t hesitate to throw them in the laundry and grab a new one (you can throw the paper towels in the garbage of course!).

From the top levels, move to the mid levels and then the bottom. By the time you are done, you’ll find that most of the dust has been collected, giving you some breathing room. In addition to picking up the most dust, this technique gives you the best time to vacuum your house. Moving from top to bottom, the dust will most likely settle on the floor of your house, ready to be vacuumed up. This is why you’ll want to dust your house before you vacuum.

Using these tips, you’ll find that your house stays cleaner with the recurrence of dust appearing at longer intervals. This is beneficial for your health and that of others. You’ll no longer wonder why your futile attempts at dusting left you with a cloud of dust that never seemed to go away.

How Would You Know If Your Roof Needs Repair?


When was the last time you checked your roof? If it has been a while since the last time you had it repaired by a roofing specialist, then you know you ought to have it checked by them once again. Better yet, why not do it on your own? You can look for damages on your roof all by yourself and at the same time you won’t have to spend some money. Interested to save some cash while maintaining the health of your roof? Here are ways to get you started:

Things you would need

• Ladder (always be careful while using this!)

• A pair of binoculars

Start from ground level

Before you use the ladder, you can check your roof while still on the ground by using a pair of binoculars. Look for dark spots, misshaped lines and missing shingles in the roofing material. You can also look for washed off shingle granules.

Have a closer look

roof repair

When you finally decide to go up, use a ladder and avoid stepping on shingles as much as possible, as they can easily be damaged. Look for loose or missing shingles, mold and decay, loss of granulation, and curling. Remember that a loose shingle doesn’t directly mean it’s a bad one, there are more signs you need to find first. You also need to inspect the roof for any signs of unevenness or sag. Indicators of a weak framing are cupping and buckling, so pay extra attention on these. Check the gutters for rust and clogs.

Flashings. These are metal pieces that can be found on waterproof spots of the roof. Try to look for puckering or buckling in the material, looseness and tears. Make sure to inspect your chimney as flashings on them are more prone to damage.

Tar and patch. These things are usually used to fix any small problems if you had some work done to your roof before. You may to take a closer look before you can spot some. It is possible that the roofing cement used on the patches only last a few years, so make sure you check on these. The place to go is in your attic.

Chimney. Don’t forget the chimney! Inspect it for cracked joints, damaged bricks and any leaning.

Have it repaired

roof repair 2

Don’t attempt to fix the roof on your own, though. If you find any of the problems stated above, it’s best to call over a roofing repairman.


What is Love?

Does it really exist?

We see many ways love is expressed and explained. There is love for your child or parent. There is love of animals and nature. There can be two adults having intimate relations. The list is long. We even say we love ice cream or a dress and any number of things. But is this love?

I believe love goes much deeper than the above explanations. Love was within us and around us even before we were born. God loved even the thought of us being born. He planned each part of us with much compassion and care. He gave us eyes to see the wonders of nature and ears to hear the laughter of children. He gave us legs so we could walk and so many parts. The part which I want to focus on is the heart. He placed His own love is our heart. The depth of this love is eternal. It goes beyond all understanding or words. Yet this love is what urges us turn to those who need our care. It even pushes us to help others in miraculous ways. We look back and say, how did I do that? But I am going even deeper than the heart. God wanted us to be with Him forever so He placed our soul within us with so much gentleness. This is the part of us who knows God. Yes- knows God! Can you believe that! Our soul knows our true home is heaven. We are only here for a short while.

You might ask, what this has to do with love. Everything! Love comes from knowing Jesus and listening to our heart. It comes from realizing each person was also created with love and with a heart and soul. Every person is sacred. That is where real love comes. Yes, it will mean loving our family, being in awe of nature and feeling the love for another human in an intimate way. But only after we feel deeply connected to their holiness.

So love is our relationship with God and all our brothers and sisters which God created. Love is realizing all people are sacred. Nature shows the wonder of God and all we can do is stand in awe. This Valentines Day why don’t we reflect on true love.