A Game For Those Interested In Driving For Long Hours.

The group might be definitely an interesting game as the singular gamer promotional event can take just about twenty hours to finish and it includes moving across the nation and tackling with numerous criminal groups on the way. The experience is definitely filled with excitement with intense troubles to overcome including weaving via the gates. The Crew can be played ... Read More

Remote Control Model Boats

Nikola Tesla has rocked New York's Madison Square Garden in 1898 by using a small, radio-transmitting control box. He was able to maneuver a tiny ship about a pool of water and even flash its running lights on and off, all without any visible connection between the boat and controller. People of that time mostly weren't aware that radio waves ... Read More

Getting Yourself a Gas Powered RC Car

Gas Powered RC Cars use an internal combustion engine. The main difference between a gas and nitro engines are as follows - gas engines use a spark plug to ignite fuel, while nitro engines use a glow plug. Gas powered rc cars are loads of fun and give unforgettable driving experience. Gas rc cars use two stroke oil and 80-95 ... Read More